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Kevin H. Berry is Board Certified in

Residential Real Estate Law


For most people, a residential real estate transaction is one of the biggest decisions they will face in their personal lives. Whether it is buying or selling a home, vacation home, or investment it is always prudent to have an attorney on your side who can make sure the transaction goes smoothly, and can ensure you are considering all the options available to you. An experienced real estate lawyer can make the difference between a successful real estate transaction and a costly mistake.


At the Law Offices of Kevin H. Berry, we are committed to helping people throughout the Hill County and South Texas with all of their residential real estate needs.  We believe in offering complete, personal service to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our real estate legal services and how we can help you.


The Law Office of Kevin H. Berry is here to assist you with any type of real estate issue, such as:


  • Deeds and conveyances

  • Collection/Foreclosure

  • For sale by owner transactions

  • Purchase and sale agreements

  • Construction disputes

  • Easement issues

  • Reviewing earnest money contracts, deed restrictions, liens. inspections

  • Real estate litigation

  • Title disputes


No matter what type of matter you are facing, we believe in taking the time to answer every question our clients have and explaining the legal options available to them. We take the attorney-client relationship seriously, and our priority is to help our clients feel that their matter is handled smoothly, effectively and efficiently.


If you have a question about a real estate matter or would like to speak with Kevin H. Berry about an issue you need help with, we encourage you to call today to schedule an appointment.