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Title Insurance 

A title is a legal term that refers to the ownership records about a piece of real estate. The records could include the transfer of any property rights and any loans using the property as collateral.


Title insurance protects you from claims of ownership, outstanding debts of previous owners, and other title problems that you didn't know about before you bought the property. It doesn't insure against fire, flood, theft, or any other type of property damage or loss.

Before selling a title insurance policy, a title company will check for problems with your title by looking at public records, including deeds, mortgages, wills, divorce decrees, court judgments, tax records, liens, encumbrances, and maps. The company will then defend you in court if there is a claim against your property, subject to certain limitations. If the company loses, it will pay you for covered losses up to the amount of your policy.


Most people buy title insurance from the title company that closes the sale of their property. The company will hold any earnest money in a trust account until the sale is complete.

Real Estate Title Insured Closings

Closing Services.  As a Fee Attorney for Old Republic Title, our office has the ability to close real estate transactions across the State of Texas.  Although the product is the same, customer service and experience make the difference.  We have closed thousands of real estate transactions since 1986, including commercial, residential, raw land, ranches, and multi-story improved properties.  

Why this Fee Office?
What is a Fee Attorney?

A Fee Attorney refers to a lawyer who has entered into a contractual relationship with a title insurance company, or an agent of a title insurance company, to close real estate transactions on its behalf in exchange for a portion of the title premium. 


Most escrow officers and title agent in Texas are not real estate attorneys. The key advantage to closing with a Fee Attorney is the superior experince and knowledge base the attorney's office brings to the closing. 

Kevin H. Berry has many years of experience as an attorney Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Residential Real Estate Law, Commercial Real Estate Law, and Farm & Ranch Real Estate Law and as a licensed Escrow Officer lends invaluable experience to your closing transaction for the most complex transactions.


Kim Selsor - has extensive experience in both residential and commercial mortgage loan closings.   Currently, Kim oversees the title services operations and has been a licensed escrow officer since 2008.  She started her career in real estate by preparing documents for residential purchase-sale , refinance, seller financed, and Home Equity transactions.  Experience counts and Kim has it.